What is the topmost step of the Home Buying Process?

The first step is the pre-approval of the mortgage and you should know how much you can borrow from the bank. It helps to reduce your time lessening in looking for those houses which are not under your finances. After that, you should have a clear picture of the down payment what funds you should need prior to purchasing a home. Finally, being pre-approved for your mortgage proves that you are the right buyer for both the real estate agent and the person who is selling their home.

Home many homes a person should view before buying the final one?

In today’s world buying a home is much easier than as in past. It’s not easy to buy a home after just seeing pictures and videos online. You should set a foot outside of your comfort to see how it looks like in person.

Why choose Fairdeal Realty Inc., Brokerage?

All the representatives working in this have high profiles and standards that help you for the whole process of buying or selling your home. Buying or selling a home is very hard to process. This is why our representatives help you at every step which means they are accessible at any time when you need them.

How long the agent takes to reply to an offer?

A time of twenty-four hours is enough to reply to an application.

What kind of credit score is required to buy a home?

A credit score of at least 720 is good for a person to buy a home. Good score helps you to get good deal.

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